Fine Art Prints & Reproductions for Artists
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Welcome to ONKart

ONKart was established to make high quality fine art giclees–both fine art reproductions and original giclee prints–available at affordable prices to local artists. We are conveniently located in West Contra Costa County, easily accessible to artists in the region.


Services & Fees:

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Giclee Prints

ONKart is a full service, fine art, giclee print shop.

Our price for printing reproductions and original art on our fine art paper, canvas and vinyl is $10/ sq. ft.. We can also scan your artwork into high definition digital images ready for printing, submissions to shows and more. Prices start at $25/scan. Most scans result in images that can be printed directly with good color accuracy; we will do minor color correction on scanned images. Additional image processing will be charged at our graphic art services rate (see below). We are happy to print from images that you bring to us, in which case, we will print from those images as is, unless you desire special color correction at our standard rate. To assure accurate color reproduction we use manufacturers color profiles or, when appropriate, our own profiles generated with state of the art spectrographic equipment. The price for printing on specialty materials will vary.

Scans of Your Artwork for Reproduction or Other Uses

Scanning Artwork:

Our preferred method for digitizing art is with our graphic arts flatbed scanner. Artwork of any size can be scanned at optical resolutions as high as 2400 dpi, making prints spring to life with the finest detail and making it possible to enlarge artwork many times. Color accuracy is assured through the use of scanner profiles created with state of the art spectrographic equipment and software.

Other Reproduction Related Services

Graphic Art Services

    $50/hour or negotiated on a per project basis

Reproduction Equipment

Archival ink & Supplies


Original Giclee Prints

As well as coming to ONKart for museum quality reproductions considering working with us as part of your artmaking process. We work with artists to modify, crop, enlarge, re-scan and otherwise develop a final work of art, combining hand work and digital process. Consider Giclee a form of printmaking, like lithography, or etching. Or include it in your photography process for producing large negative films from which contact prints can be made. We can work with you on an hourly or negotiated basis. Go here for more information

El Sobrante Valley Artists in Community

ONKart is pleased to be an associate of El Sobrante Valley Artists in Community. While not known as a center for the arts, the El Sobrante Valley is home to many established and emerging artists. It is the mission of Valley Artists in Community to support activities that will raise the visibility of the El Sobrante Valley as a cultural and economic center of the East Bay.

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