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Original fine art prints at ONKart

Many people think of giclee printing as a way to produce fine art quality reproductions of original art. This is one application of giclee technology. Fewer are aware of the fact that many artists are using the giclee medium to create high quality, creative and collectible original art.

An example of this trend is a recent show of David Hockney original art at the DeYoung museum in San Francisco, among which were many works of art produced as giclee originals.

Giclee is now commonly recognized as a medium for fine art prints similar to prints made from lithographs, woodcuts, etchings and other traditional print media. Many collectors, galleries and museums are collecting art in this medium.

Producing original fine art prints at ONKart

ONKart makes the materials, equipment and technical skill for producing fine are available to artists at an affordable price. ONKart artists have extensive experience producing original giclee prints.

Contact us about creating art at our shop, using all of our equipment and the assistance of an experienced artist/technician. Our standard fee is $50/hour. Classes are also available.

There are various approaches to producing original giclee art.

Fine art media available to artists making prints at ONKart

Equipment available at ONKart

Archival ink & supplies

Our standard inks are archival pigment inks and our supports are all acid free, archival supports. Supports for art reproduction are primarily 100% cotton rag. Dye inks and other supports available upon request.